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G&G Bait Co. Testimonials

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Quotes I was looking to have some custom spinnerbaits made and found this website. I was looking to have them made in bubble gum color which is not commercially available. I specified the exact size shape colour and the blade dimensions that I wanted. I was quickly contacted by George to verify the order details and with a price and payment instructions. The first thing I noticed when I received the order was that every detail was exactly as I had ask. The second thing that I noticed was the quality. I could easily tell they were made from good materials with the paint and construction flawless. To my surprise I won the next two bass tournaments back to back fishing from the back of the boat with a very good fisherman casting in front of me. Those were the first two tournaments I have won in the last 3 years. Quotes
Gary Kiser
Tournament Fisherman

Quotes Over the summer I had the privilege of fishing these spinnerbaits fairly exclusively. I was very surprised at the amount of bass that I caught without needing to re-bend the wire to keep the bait running straight or needing to replace the skirts. I believe at one point I stopped and e-mailed G&G to let them know I needed to make another order soon because I was on my 25th bass on the same lure and I was hooked more than the fish! With quality results like that, I was, and continue to be a very satisfied customer. Quotes
Brad Smith
Outdoor Writer

Quotes Before I met George, I had tried spinner baits some but they were really low quality and I didn't do well. The quality of G & G has proven to me they are great baits and fish catching machines, just like their makers. AND they are made in Indiana!!! Quotes

Quotes G&G makes quality lures at competitive for the ice head and open water fisherman. More then that George comes with a wealth of experience that he is willing to share. When placing an order I often tell him what I am looking for and ask for his suggestions. His first question is always about water clarity. Being new to fishing it is great to have a person talk to you without trying to up-sell you. I could always pull fish through the ice using the G&G Icer including a bag of gills in 30 min at the Summit Lake Ice tournament. His spinnerbaits speak for themselves. Paul Quotes
Construction Engineer